Fan Art Page 1

The fan art folks have sent me, both now and in the past, has been too great to keep to myself. So now check some really talented artists out! :)
Send me an e-mail if you've got something you'd like me to put here!

Patrick Little

Another truly great artist. Check out his wonderful creations Jake and Foxy at his site. :)
  • Kit n Kay

    Ryan J. Smith

    The Adventures of Ronnie Raccoon is the comic you should be reading already before you read mine. :)
  • Who's been pushing on my cushion?

    ShirleeMouse (Shirley Chessler-Wakefield)

    My marvelous mousie did a cute pic for me of my two foxies. Rejoice! :)
  • Kit n Kay

    Marc "Waccoon" Leveille

    A fellow furry artist with some very similar creative ideas! Go to FurNation and check his Crystal and Claire at
  • Kit n Kay comic

    Chris "Cobalt" Sutor

    The famous bruin in blue did a BEAUTIFUL pic for me of himself and my two foxies! :)
  • Cobalt & Kit n Kay

    CatsWhisker (Tawana Gilroy)

    Finally back online after a long and unjust absence, CatsWhisker is back! She had this lovely picture ready for me! ;)
  • Kit n Kay

    Trixi (Candy Lewin)

    Yay!! I've been doubly honored with having two of my favorite fem fur artists render my little foxies! This is Trixi's sketch of Kit n Kay, she gave me permission to post it in lieu of the finished picture, which I hope to be able to post here soon! But meanwhile, here's Trixi's sketch!
  • Kit n Kay (rough sketch)

    David Lazerous

    An error I made not long ago was adding this cute comic drawn by a fan who sent it to me at a time when I was wrestling with trying to get Keenspace to update my strip, and posting it here slipped my mind! Sorry... <:)
  • Kit n Kay by David Lazerous

    Valorie Ruthe

    Someone whose art I've just discovered sent me a very nice hand-colored pic of Kit! Go take a look at her VCL page, she does some nice work. :)
  • Kit by Ruthe

    Donovan Howard

    A rather unique version of Kit n Kay, in taller form!
  • Kit n Kay by Donryu

    Chris Acharya

    Chris has a GeoCities site with his Supermegatopia fan comic!
  • It's better to give than to recieve

    ItaX (Italo R.S. Marques)

    ItaX has created one of the BEST pics of my two little foxies I've ever seen! Go see his VCL site as soon as you can! :)
  • Kit n Kay by ItaX

    Lone Fox One

    A cute little pic of a comfy-looking Kay!
  • Kay by Lone Fox One

    Pink Fairy Lotus

    One of the most eloquent artists it's been my pleasure to talk to drew for me a beutiful pic of Kit n Kay. Check out her art on VCL and get in on the ground floor of her online comic, there are irresistable things on the way!
  • Kit n Kay by Pink Fairy Lotus

    Jamaal Mayhem (Jim Taylor)

    Check out my little foxies in not-so-little style by this new online artist! (Also check out the artist's art itself!)
  • Kit & Kay by Jamaal Mayhem

    Kelvin the Lion (Chris Farrington)

    A very welcome art swap with a talented and prolific online artist! The stars of Macropod Madness and my own comic having all kinds of fun.
  • Jacky & Jenna & Kit & Kay by Kelvin the Lion
  • Jenna & Jacky by me


    One of my forum fans sent me this, his very first fan art pic! :)
  • Kit & Kay by Swiftfoxhound

    Plumpdragon (Hennie van Rooyen)

    Visit this artist's site for some of the most delightful art anywhere online!
  • Kit & Kay & Babalina by Plumpdragon
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